What to look for in a PT…..

So, straight away you might be thinking am I about to shoot myself in the foot with this blog?? Nope, I am going to help people.

At one point in your life you might say to yourself I want to get fit/in shape, or worst case you’ve been told to lose weight for health reasons. You then start to think of a gym membership or a trainer/coach. I prefer to call myself a coach. I was told a long time ago by someone better then me that a trainer will teach you how to do something, but a coach goes on your journey with you .

So what do you look for?? Now we have facebook or Instagram and countless online trainers . Some will have their qualifications or you to read, if they are NOT level 3 accredited then please don’t use them because if not then they are unlikely to have the right insurance cover if anything happens to you. Yes, there are different qualifications around the world but please just check first.
Testimony or progress photos, even both, are a great start to find out what the PT is like and how they get on with clients. Again read as much as you can, this is for your benefit.
Reading about their own journey can also be helpful and inspiring , I have worked with a few PTs that have gone on a massive life style change and then become great trainers and coaches. One guy, Josh, had cerebral palsy and was pretty much given up on by every one except himself. It took a while but he got through the course and is an awesome coach working with children with disabilities!

Anyone who works at a main gym or health/fitness centre will be trained to a certain standard but the companies will also train them in a few different things. For example, kettlebells or spinning, which is good but only worth it if they teach at work. At my club, when I was just a mere fit coach, I was taught how to deliver a class set up by a surf brand but involved “pop ups” and a lot of core work plus some yoga. This was great as I learnt some things but it DOESN’T make me a teacher in surfing and I would be a silly to call myself anyhing like it!
Wallet inspector, bikini inspector aren’t real qualifications!!! Nor is hula hoop king which is defintely wrong on every level!!

Most trainers or coaches love their jobs and want to be better, improvement is part of the job! So extra qualifications are great to check. It might be something along the lines of mindfulness or nutrition, again check them out, a lot of courses are done online, nothing wrong with them as so long as they are done with a credited educational board. Personally, all my courses have had separate modules and course with several exams.

Remember these people that you are asking and paying for help need to be the right person for you. If possible meet them first, it might be a coffee or a free session what ever they offer take it!
At the end of the day you have to spend time with these people and its their job to get the best out of you , whether it is a extra set or rep , a quicker time on your 5k run, dropping a dress size for your wedding or holiday beach body.

Unfortunately bad health is a great motivator, I lost my dad when I was young and he was only 57. He wasn’t overweight, he didn’t drink, but he was diabetic and had made a few wrong life choices. I have my own son now and I intend to be a right royal pain in his arse when I am still knocking around in my 80s!

At the end of the day, you need to know what you want and what you your goals are. Yes, a trainer can help you realise these goals, but only you have the leverage to make the change. If you do something half arsed, you’ll be surrounded by that, you’ll expect that and settle for it. Get out of your comfort zone and work towards your results. The right coach will help you find your full potential and reach it.

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