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“I chose James as my PT because he seemed to understand intuitively about where I wanted to go with my training.

Training with James was always fun and encouraging yet pushed me to the maximum I had on the day.
The variation of each session was great and acknowledgement of my progress.

Yes, I would recommend James to new clients and encouraged my daughter and friends to partake in his classes and PT sessions.

My goals over the 7 years I trained with him varied from fitting into my wedding dress to partaking in cycling challenges overseas and in the U.K. And with James never ending encouragement I cycled 450kms in Africa in 2015 and also Vietnam and Cambodia in 2016, raising money for Cancer charities. He also helped arrange a spinathon to help raise money for the charity. He has an enormous amount of generosity of spirit towards his clients and is happy to help in whatever way he can to help each individual achieve their goals.”

~ Myfanwy

Why did you choose James as your personal trainer?

James chose me, I put in a request at Virgin Gym for a personal trainer and he was unlucky enough to have to train me!

How did you find training with James?

James was the best personal trainer I have ever had. He was an absolute pleasure to spend time with and made the sessions incredibly fun and entertaining, he really motivated me to push myself and do the best I possibly could. And to keep going. I tend not to enjoy the gym, but I looked forward to each and every session with James, I loved them.

Outside of our sessions, James would send me motivational texts and guided me on my diet.

He also got results, I lost 14lbs and toned my body. Most importantly, he completely fixed my posture by improving my muscle structure, meaning no more aching back and hunched shoulders.

What was your favourite thing during your session?

There was a lot of hard work, James pushed me and motivated me hugely. My favourite part of the sessions was the banter, laughter and fun we had – that really got me through the sessions and made them fun but also rewarding.

Would you recommend James to new clients?

I highly recommend James, he makes training really enjoyable and gets great results. He’s also an incredibly fun and nice guy. He also cares deeply about his clients and is passionate about getting the best results for them.

What sort of goals did you want to achieve and how did James help you achieve them?

I wanted to lose weight and get fitter. James also identified that my posture was horrific and so added that to my goals. I achieved them all in the space of 12 sessions – I lost the weight, looked better and felt stronger. The improvement James made to my posture was also amazing, it was probably the biggest benefit to my health and well-being.”

~ Daimian Trussler

“Why did you choose James as your personal trainer?

My husband met James at the gym that he attended and kept telling me good things about him such as:

  • “His classes are the best!”
  • “He motivates everyone with his personality”
  • “The music he plays creates the perfect ambiance for the class”

But the biggest reason I decided to choose James was the fact that my husband started seeing real results in his weight and energy levels – this was so motivating that we hired James to conduct a weekly group training session for all our staff and also a weekly couple’s session for my husband and I.

How did you find training with James?

Great! Training with James is hard but fun, informative and different every week. If you’re struggling in anyway then James will vary the exercise and motivate you to carry on until you have reached the time or achieved the reps.

Another thing I like about training with James is that he describes where you should be feeling the muscle strain – this gives you a greater understanding of whether you are doing the exercise correctly (just swinging a kettle bell around might get you out of breath but if you are not using the correct muscle groups then you are not going to see results!)

Also, James always asks if I have any specific areas or muscle groups I want to focus on - he then instantly builds in new exercises to our session.

What was your favourite thing during your sessions?

James is very familiar with all the gym equipment and can easily create fun circuits suitable for anyone, so those type of sessions were always great. I particularly love using the skipping rope, slam ball and TRX. James also builds in boxing training to our sessions which is great too. I also really love the simpler exercises such as wall sits, squats and planks.

Would you recommend me to new clients? Please fill free to add more?

I would (and have) recommended James to anyone who wants to spend an hour having a laugh, building confidence and most importantly seeing their body change for the better.

Whether you are a confident gym bunny or a complete beginner, James always seems to have something new to try.

What sort of goals did you want to achieve and how did James help you to achieve them?

I’m a mum of 2 and have worked out at home for years in my spare time by watching YouTube videos and I actually considered myself quite fit. Even though I’m not overweight I felt that all the effort I was putting in wasn’t giving me the body shape I really wanted – I wasn’t toning the muscles that I wanted (lower abs & glutes) and I didn’t know how to shape the muscles to be long and lean. But after training with James twice a week I now understand what I should be feeling and where. I have also learnt a whole new set of exercises that I could do in between our sessions. When I train with James I actually FEEL like my body is looking amazing!

All I can say is that doing anything to improve your body and your lifestyle can only be a good thing – but if you can do it with someone as knowledgeable as James who will make it fun is absolute a no brainer. James is easy to get along with, never judges, knowledgeable about nutrition and always gives great tips but most of all – is dedicated in helping you achieve your body goals whatever they are."

~ Ellie Kelsey

“Why did you choose James as PT?

James seemed like a down to earth guy that was clearly in good shape without looking like he was jacked on steroids and needed protein every 15 minutes!

How did you find training with James?

Fantastic. Always good fun whilst ensuring that I understood why and what we were doing and the results I was aiming for.

Favourite thing during sessions?

Attention to detail. The little unconventional ways in which James monitors what I was doing and then delivering a kick up the backside where needed.

Recommend to new clients?

Yes, definitely. I have done so.

What sort of goals, and did James help you achieve them?

Whilst training with James I looked and felt better than I ever have done in my life. This was and is my goal and James played a massive part in helping me to achieve this.

Brief description, anything else…

One of the most inspiring people in my life and he has not a bit of ego to accompany that fact. James made every session unique and challenging whilst being sure not to leave me feeling like I couldn’t or wouldn’t want to keep going. Every session enjoyable!”

~ Stuart Reason

“Why did you choose James to be your personal trainer?

I chose James to be my personal trainer because I found him to be very inspiring. You can meet a lot of personal trainers who are each quite similar in what they teach but James was completely different. Firstly, how often will you come across someone who is blind yet able to train you so well on how to change your body? James taught me from scratch how to lift weights and the science behind it, he is the only personal trainer I can say gave me a love for the gym and also became a friend.

What was my favourite thing during my session? 

As serious as he needs to be to train me, I found that James had a really good sense of humour and banter, this is what distinguishes him from other trainers. He is able to provide a really intense session whilst actually making me laugh and having fun at the same time.

Would I recommend you to a new client?

Absolutely 100%.

What sort of goals did I want to achieve and how did James help me get them?

I wanted to start my fitness journey understanding how to life weights and what I need to do to Change my body. I wanted to become stronger and fitter. James helped me to achieve this by not just training me but teaching me. He would explain why I was lifting certain weight and the impact it has on my body.

I would highly recommend James to anyone I know to train with James. He is an inspiration and a fantastic trainer which so much knowledge, he will be able to put you through your paces and educate you so that you can continue to practice what he teaches”

~ Amanda George

“I chose James, after receiving a free PT session which he was offering when I attended one of his spin classes.

I really enjoyed the session and signed up for a package of 8 PT sessions with James.

Training with James was hard work, fun and very educational. His knowledge of personal fitness is vast, the little trips he gives when you're doing certain exercises; was very helpful. It was a added bonus to the sessions.

It is hard to name one favourite thing during my PT sessions with James, but if I had to name one; it would the personal attention he gave during the sessions. I didn't feel he was just doing his job, he took a genuine interest, and gave lots of encouragement. Also he added some much into the sessions. I told you it was hard to give one favourite thing lol! Without a doubt I would recommend James to new client. For the things I have mentioned above and more. If you want to work hard, feel great afterwards (once the pain of your workout goes away lol), gain more knowledge and have a laugh. James is your man. Also he likes to give you homework, what more could you ask for !!
The goals I achieved was a better understanding of doing exercises which were right for me, pushing myself and feeling good.

I feel James' personality was a major factor in me achieving my goals. I really looked forward to my sessions, even after a heavy night of drinking too much. We just got on, had a laugh in between feeling like I couldn't more bench presses lol. James is the man.

As I stated he gives lots of encouragement during sessions, telling you need to bend your knees more for example. I would think to myself, how does he know I am not bending my knees, he can't see! The man is a super hero for sure. Thanks James.”

~ Mark Eccleston

Why did you choose James as your personal trainer?

Because I found James inspirational and very personable.

How did you find training with James?

I found it hard work but in a good way! James would really push you.

What was your favourite thing during your sessions?

Using new equipment that id be too nervous to use on my own!

Would you recommend me to new clients?  Please fill free to add more….

Yes as you will be challenged and learn a lot.

What sort of goals did you want to achieve and how did James help you to achieve them?

I wanted to work on my core and feel fitter.  James showed me lots of equipment I could use to strengthening my core without just doing sit ups.

I also went to James’s spin classes which were a great cardio workout.”

~ Joanne Searle

Why did you choose James as your personal trainer?

I Choose James because he is an inspirational person, to overcome what has gone through and to be where he is today, is truly inspiring, and I knew if I had him as my PT he would push me to become better and not quit just like he did not quit.

How did you find training with James?

Training with James was fun, but also hard work which I think how training should be, we put the work even if you couldn’t take any more you kept going with James there is no quitting, but we had fun doing it too.

What was your favourite thing during your sessions?

My favourite thing was when he would go quiet and have this grin on his face and I knew he had something just pop into his head which meant genie pig time, but was such good fun some of the things he came up with where insane but the amazing training ideas

Would you recommend me to new clients?  Please fill free to add more…

Yes, 100% truly amazing person great fun and amazing PT and totally adaptable to any age group wanting to reach a goal.

What sort of goals did you want to achieve and how did James help you to achieve them?

When I first Started with James I had my sister’s wedding coming up and I wanted to lose some weight body fat! and working with James he helped me achieve my goal I came to James around 15stone and by the time my sister’s wedding came around I was around 12 stone I could not believe what he helped me achieve, and from then on, I wanted to put on muscle and he started to help me put on some size.

Trust James to help you achieve you goals just like I did, and I got to where I wanted to be, he is a remarkable person who has no quit in him, he will be you PT and push you when you need pushing help you when you need helping but also, he will be a great friend, like he is to me I’m so glad that I can call this man my friend. training will be tough but listen to him and trust him and you will reach your goal.”

~ Jonathon Heskins

“Why did you choose James as your personal trainer?


How did you find training with James?

Excellent, rewarding and fun.

What was your favourite thing during your sessions?

All of it, his calm, patient manner and how hard he made me work.

Would you recommend me to new clients?  Please fill free to add more….

Without a doubt, he improved my confidence in the gym.

What sort of goals did you want to achieve and how did James help you to achieve them?

Lose body fat, improve posture and get fitter.

He taught me a whole new side of the gym, which helps me improve in so many ways.”

~ Simon Tyndall

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