Why Life Coach?

I grew up knowing one thing, I wanted to help people.

One of my earliest memories is of having the Robin Hood story read to me, then after that I went on to comics, Batman and Spiderman, that kind of thing but what they have in common is the hero. Who doesn’t want to be a hero?? But with me it was something else, something more….they helped people without judgement.
We would read the comic, get to the final few pages where the villain was caught and potentially heading for their doom, and the protagonist would swing in and save them!! What?!? But they are the baddies!!! It was about doing the right thing regardless… being able to see the good in every one and being able to offer help made my brain tick and reached out to me as a small boy.

As my life moved on and I grew up, I still read comics, in fact one of the last things I ever read before losing my sight was a Batman comic. My understanding of them changed and so did the tone. Still helping but sometimes torn between doing right for doing wrong. This conflict was always on the shoulders of the hero not the villain. Still a lack of judgement.

And now? I work on seeing the potential of my clients, I don’t judge, I do not have the right too anyway. But what I can do is let them see how great they can become.

What we need to realise is that last week was just that, last week, and this is a new weekday, a new training session. It is what we do now that counts and sometimes we don’t even know that we are holding ourselves back. Good old sub conscience!!

We set beliefs all the time and not all of them are there to help. Here is an example, the word “failure”. Yep, failure. It can mean lack of success, but if we never failed we would never learn. I ask a lot from my clients and they give every thing they have at every session, but the first time I say “ok lets go to failure “ I can feel the strange looks I get. “What, you want me to fail?”,
“Yes, I want you to push/pull or lift until you fail.” Why?? Well somewhere down the line they have told themselves they can’t do something, it might be sing, dance or run. But you can! And its my job as a coach to show you how.
Maybe physical or emotional, even a deep rooted belief in the sub conscious. Working together we will break this down and build a new stronger belief that you can. Whether it is stress, shyness or just not where you thought you would be or should be. The potential is inside of all of us.

Negative limiting beliefs are not set in stone.

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