In the blink of a blind eye…..

So, we live in a world of instant gratification , instant coffee, super fast hyper internet, Wi-Fi. No longer do we have to find a computer to log in on to check emails or even keep in touch with friends and family anywhere in the world. We just need a smart phone, well its not even that, we can use the TV now!!

Don’t have the time to go to the shops? Don’t worry just order on line, from baby food to the chair you’re sitting on, can be bought, ordered and shipped out with one click. But what about your fitness? What about your own sanity? When will we no longer need to speak to another living person?

We can download the latest app to help with meal ideas. We can put in our stats and track our calories we can have a lovely voiced A.I. PT in our pocket telling us we need to keep going…but when did it stop being about the journey??

Starting a generic food plan that doesn’t take in to account that you might be eating with your family and one of you is a vegetarian, or you have an intolerance or God forbid an auto immune or metabolic disease!! Not one size fits all.

A phone thats able to tell you to do a push up and then count out reps! Wow, amazing…hang on how the hell is it going to tell you if you are dong it wrong or if you are about to pull your shoulder out? Can it check technique? NO.

As for counting calories, If you count calories and cut them you will lose weight, 100% you lose weight…
We all have a metabolic rate of what and how we use calories, from walking around to breathing even blinking AND WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT. Some say that the average man needs 2000 to 2500 calories and the average woman needs 1800 to 2000. PLEASE SHOW ME AN AVERAGE PERSON?!? We are not a society made up of 2.4 children anymore and truth be told I don’t believe we ever were.
So you drop your calories to say 1600 and you start to lose weight, but after a while your metabolic rate gets used to the LACK of calories and you hit a plateau. Now you have a choice, stop or drop even more calories??? Being at some point you will have to eat more just to get through the day and as soon as your daily metabolic rate goes BACK TO NORMAL the weight will creep back unless your are smart. Hungry makes us ratty, irritable and affects so many other areas of our life.

Getting back to the point, have we really stopped caring about getting from A to B? There are ridiculous amounts of pills and potions out on the market to shred body fat , I have tried some in the past, but 99% of the time they just contain caffeine or worse. The side affects can be painful and embarrassing. What’s wrong with earning a great body or getting of rid of body fat? Isn’t there a better sense of achievement when some one says to you “you look good!” and you reply “yes, I did it training”. Feeling confident and proud is not a bad thing and more people need to think like this.

If its about time, you can train in ten minutes! Come on be little selfish, its you health we are talking about and meals can be done just as quick! Please ask any of my clients. The feeling I get from a workout or eating a healthy meal couldn’t be replaced by a pill or a shake, I enjoy cooking! When I train myself its not just to get lean or build, they are sometimes not in my head space some times I train to clear my mind, to calm down and rebalance. Being around like minded people is great too, to talk to an actual person rather then a computerised voice takes you around in circles

Clear your mind and become more focused. Train your body and be more powerful. Put them together and be unstoppable!

Enjoy the journey, take time to feel the change, take pride in knowing what you are doing and what you have done.

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