Generation Clone – A blog by Katie

Open any magazine, watch any TV show and you’ll see what the media deem as attractive, what the latest fashion is you should be wearing, what size you should be, what colour make up, what gadget you should carry around with you, even what breed dog makes you look great.

Suddenly everywhere I look, I see a sea of people all pretty much dressed the same, having the same haircut, oh look I’ve never seen so many pugs or French bulldogs on leads, I even notice people’s use of language has become the same! What I mean by that is I’m hearing a posh middle class kid speaking like they’re from Essex or middle aged man talking like he’s an 18 year old gang member from the streets…..why? Oh yeah the media told them it was cool this month.

My question is this….do people actually want to be like this, or are they doing it purely because a reality TV show on MTV is brainwashing them?

What the hell has happened to being an individual? I find this a very depressing side of society now, unless you are “quirky” or “different” en masse, you are classed as not fitting in or a bit weird, or a particular favourite “off the wall, eccentric”.
An example of this, remember the Hipster movement, I have always liked beards…maybe to do with a love of heavy metal in my younger years….but they were once unusual, and if you saw a young guy with a styled beard they were instantly laughed at, but then all of a sudden the whole world grew a beard! That’s right, every bloke you saw merged into one.

Controversial one now, tattoos! Tattoos were cool once, sorry I know in society they still are but I’m explaining my stance, it was only people with a story that had tattoos, 20 years ago I had a friend covered from head to toe in tattoos…..every single one of them had a meaning, his whole body a story map of his life, they were for him, his story, and he had a beard, definitely wasn’t a hipster though as they didn’t exist then! But of course, his look wasn’t acceptable then. People were scared of him, thought he was a wrong ‘un. Now he’d just blend in and you wouldn’t even notice him! Nowadays, if you find someone without a tattoo, it’s like finding a rare gem amongst the stones.
Again, don’t get me wrong, I like tattoos, but when they are there for a reason, not because David Beckham made you think “prison ink” is a good look in your charmed life.

Now, as you can tell I could go on and on with examples, but you’ve got the gist right?! But this also can connect with the world of fitness…..

We all have different reasons for hitting the gym, but there is a huge proportion of people that are there simply trying to look like some group they’ve seen on TV or to look cool in their active wear. If you think about it, you know where I’m going with this now. The ones who aren’t breaking a sweat but all look wonderful in their matching Under Armour, the peroxide blonde fake boobs, lips, eyelashes, full face of make up taking selfies in the mirror…..yeah lots of them isn’t there.

Which person in the gym do you actually admire and find inspirational? Is it those? Or is it the overweight guy that’s busting his arse trying to make his health better so he can be active with his kids? The person who is in there rehabilitating from an injury? The person who is battling mental health by exercising? I know which group I’m admiring, they certainly aren’t leaning on equipment looking in the mirror.

Of course anyone embracing a healthy lifestyle is a positive thing, but as long as you are doing it for the right reasons = you. You are your own motivation, don’t let society dictate what you should be. Don’t do dangerous diets or insane fitness regimes just to try and look like someone you’ve seen in the media, remember, most of them have had some work done and yes, that includes the men, it’s possible to have plastic surgery to give you a six pack!

Ask yourself a question. Do you want to be a clone or do you want to be the individual that stands out? The one who people see as having a mind of their own, the one who is true to their self, the one who stands out from the crowd! Do what you’re doing for YOU! Make yourself look good and be fit for you! Not because you think that’s what should do.

I’ve never conformed to society, and I’m the first to admit that at times I have felt “left out” or aware people have commented on how I look etc, definitely I’ve felt less confident than others. I tried to fit in, but lost my personality in the process as I couldn’t be me if I wasn’t me! It made me lose confidence so I gave up! But also I remember a night a few years ago when I was in a club surrounding by lots of very attractive people, the girls all in their little dresses and high heels, men all in smart jeans and shirts, I was there is my skater dress and a pair of 18 hole Doc Marten boots looking like I’d walked in to the wrong room. This guy came up to me, asked me if I’d like a drink and said “it’s so nice to see someone different, you’re a breath of fresh air, I just had to come and speak to you”.

My reply “I’m just me”……how many people can truly say that???

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