My Personal Keto Lean Muscle Challenge

To see if I can increase lean muscle mass whilst staying in ketosis.

To see if I can increase lean muscle mass whilst staying in ketosis. Ketosis is low carb, moderate protein and high fat.
Overall length of challenge/experiment is 28 days, but if I like it……?

Well we don’t have essential carbohydrates so can muscle be built whilst in ketosis? There are so many different opinions on the web, I thought I would do my own experiment. Some say yes and some say no, I think it may be down to your own genetics .

Barbell with up to 80KG
Grass fed meat
Wild caught salmon
Fat bombs – homemade
Mixed cheese
Nuts and seeds

I will be restricting my max resistance weight to 80kg for all compound lifts which include the bench press, the deadlift and the squat. Also I’ll be restricting the time I’m allowing myself to workout to just 45 minutes per day. Days will alternate from compound days to HITT workouts on non resistance days. Abs will be done every session. I will be training most days but allowing myself some recovery. I will be fasting for 16 hours and leave myself an eight hour eating window.
With the max weight capped I will need to use different techniques such as rest pause or drop sets. Bodyweight exercise will play a big part of hitting muscle fatigue, press-ups, lunges and pull ups are a must!
Although I will be only eating 2 meals a day, I will not be counting calories, I normally sit around 1900 to 2250 depending how my training is going.

Chest day:
Press ups and skipping to warm up. I will not be counting reps but aiming for failure each set and doing 5 sets of each compound exercise.
Tricep push ups again to failure, 3 sets.

Back day:
Warmup will be pull ups and skipping.
Deadlifts, the same as the bench press as I’m not counting reps but sets instead, bent over rows might a be an option. Finishing with rest pauses on pull ups (should be fun…)

Shoulder day:
The military press and polar bear presses. Some shoulder floor work can be done using bodyweight like the iron cross. Building up to plyometric presses.

Leg day:
Bodyweight squats and skipping as warm up.
Rest pauses will be incorporated from the start with a 5 second hold at the bottom of the rep and increasing the length of time as I hopefully get stronger! Lunges and jump squats.

This will test my skills and ability as a trainer, thinking of more ways to push my body to the max. There will be pain, and I know there will be days when I will question what the hell I’m doing. Staying focused and writing a weekly blog to record what happens and how I’m feeling will keep my mind on track. I will also be filming my workouts and doing a daily vlog.

My measurements at the start of the challenge are as follows:
CHEST: 40”
BICEPS: Right – 12.5” relaxed Left – 13.5” relaxed
WAIST: 33”
QUADS: Right – 21.5” Left – 22”

My measurements at the end of the challenge to follow….

I will add and before and after picture once the challenge is complete.

To follow….

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