Why diet???

I have always been a bit wary of the word diet, mainly because of the first 3 letters…

I have always been a bit wary of the word diet, mainly because of the first 3 letters… But what does it mean to other people? The diet industry; it’s an industry as it made around £70.3 billion last year alone!! For over nearly fifty years now people have been telling us what to eat to be healthy, to be fitter and to be slimmer. Does any of it work, really work??

In my experience there are a lot of repeat offenders with certain slimming/watchers type of clubs, and I have to ask myself and my clients if it worked then why would you need to go back??

Here are my thoughts:

The demands that life puts on us whatever our situation we need be able to deal with them. Having to endure a lifestyle that adds more stress is not a solution. Cutting out calories will only be a short term fix and leave you feeling hungry, unable to focus and angry as hell! We’ve all heard the phrase “Hangry”. There are lifestyles out there where you don’t need to take anything extra like pills or supplements to get results and you can enjoy your time doing what you like doing instead of running away from a food group.

There has been so many different types of dieting fads, the colour day, this was one where you could only eat red foods or fruits on a certain day and a different colour the next day…. It’s true, that really existed! Fasting for 2 days then spending 5 days eating what you liked. Again this could work if the days you are eating you eat nutritionally rich foods but did anyone? Paleo, vegan, Keto and Omad are just a few of the lifestyles out there and you need to at least try them to see what works for you.

Don’t be on a diet, change your lifestyle. It might take time to adapt but it will be with you for life and not a short term fix! Why keep spending money on a brand or to a club that keeps on letting you down??

Take control of your wellbeing, be proud of making your own decisions about what you eat and when. You can prep food for the week ahead, which I have done. Drink shakes that replace meals?!? I’d never have done that! I love food too much but the first thing you have to do is be honest and cut the bullshit.

Even when pregnant you only need an extra 500 calories a day to help make a baby! There are no essential carbs but there are essential proteins and fats. And we can all drop sugar from our meal times and snacks. People need to be aware that Low Fat does not mean low sugar. If anything, there is actually more sugar than the full fat option, as this is used to improve the flavour!

Fat won’t make you fat, it will help control your insulin levels which is the hormone that tells the body to store fat. Sugar and refined/processed carbohydrates, if not burnt off are stored, there is no middle ground!

The human body only needs one, yes ONE teaspoon full of sugar in our blood stream at any given time. An average can of fizzy pop has anywhere between 17 and 25!

100g of Rice Krispies has 2.5 teaspoons of sugar in, then mixed with the sugar in your “healthy” semi skimmed milk you’ve had your daily dose already! Want to drop your chances of diabetes then cut out sugar!

If you are fed up of yo-yoing then be honest with yourself! You have the strength to quit the rubbish if you really want to, it’s not about will power, its about the why power.

Why would you want to put crap in your body? Why would you want to shorten your life span? Why would you want to have extra aches and pains caused by foods that cause inflammation? Why would you want to add unwanted body fat to yourself????

Why eat foods that can and do make your skin break out in spots or rashes?? Why eat foods that cause bloating and IBS???

Using the power of Why is getting a bit clearer now right?

My own experience is a balanced food plan can work if you understand what suits your body. When I wanted to get bigger and add more muscle I was eating around 3000 calories per day, eating all the time for example steak for breakfast, a litre of egg whites and three chicken salads before 1pm!! It did work however, I was aching most of the time and was tired of chewing plus I was broke!!

Shift forward nearly ten years and at 46 years old I’m in the best shape of my life.

My arthritis has got less painful and noticeable. My abs are out, my skin is tighter and clearer. I’m more focused and my brain is in overdrive. I have lost around 6 kg of fat! Now I’m putting on lean muscle again. What did I do? Keto! After going through fat adaption which took just under 2 weeks, I stopped burning carbs and started to use my own body fat and dietary fat as fuel. This is like Rocket Fuel!

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