Challenges within my Challenge – Week 1

Saying I was ready for this challenge would be an understatement.

Saying I was ready for this challenge would be an understatement.

What I wasn’t ready for was my shoulder giving in and getting a 24 hour bug.
Monday was great….a really good start. I fasted and then ate well, I was able to do my first HITT workout on film and posted it.

Tuesday was back day, one of my favourites. As I mentioned last week, the warm up was pull ups and then in to deadlifts. 5 sets to failure each set with 80kg. What surprised me was how many pull ups I could do after! I think my grip on the barbell gave up before my back…next time straps??
However, the rest pause pull was a different matter. They really bloody work! The abs circuit I’ve set for myself went well too. I was also able to increase the weight of the kettlebell I was working with. Then Wednesday come along……

I woke up ok, a bit sore but was still up for my training in the evening but as the day went on I started to feel more and more rough. I was lightheaded and a little off centre. By the evening I had to go to bed before my three year old son!! Thursday just didn’t happen. I spent the day with a headache from hell and found it hard to move around without feeling dizzy. I’ll get to my shoulder in a moment.

A couple of strong painkillers and another early night seemed to do the trick as when I woke up on Friday I felt pretty good! I had 5 clients back to back which helped with fasting! Then my leg day catch up session, please have look at the pic on Instagram (simplyfitfitness)

So far my only concern is, is the max weight of 80kg going to be enough? The rest pauses do work and my legs and back do feel them but is it enough to over load? Our muscles will only change if needed and the best way to do this is with over loading the muscle group.

My food is en pointe and I’m happy with how much I am able to eat in two sittings, lunch and dinner. God bless the humble egg.

Now my shoulder…… I have been having problems for over 3 months and after ridiculous amounts of calls to the doctors I had a private check. I have a swollen tendon and calcium deposits in it. Lovely! I am waiting for another check this coming week and will know more then. Put it this way, I haven’t done a press up in well over 2 months and was hoping I would be ok for this month….we’ll have to find out next week.

I’m more focused and determined than ever to get through this.

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support with this challenge.

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