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Like you, I woke up this morning to a new reality. One that none of us ever expected to experience. While this situation is turning our world upside down, we are adapting quickly and will get through this. Together. We are now all staying at home, but that doesn’t mean that we should be sitting on the couch watching TV all day. Let’s get moving and get a training session in! I have been working as an online coach for many years now, and while we are all finding our way around virtual work, workouts and socialising, it’s not a difficult transition to make, especially with an experienced trainer by your side. Never thought about online coaching before? Let me tell you how it works…

Switching to online workouts
Online coaching does exactly what it says on the tin. You link up with a trainer via video and they run a personal training session for you. It works in the same way as if you were in the gym, the only difference is that it is done remotely. Social distancing at its best!

There are plenty of group exercise videos out there – both live and pre-recorded. But there are far fewer targeted, personalised online training sessions that are tailored to you, your needs and your goals. While we all need to stay fit, being stuck indoors is a great way to work towards those fitness goals you’ve made or always planned to make.

What you need for online coaching
Nothing more than your laptop, tablet or phone and an internet connection. There are loads of free video call apps around and if you don’t have one downloaded, it’s quick and easy to do to get started.

You don’t need any gym equipment. We can use what you have around the house. If you have some old dumbbells hiding in the cupboard under the stairs or in the attic, dig them out and dust them off. If you don’t, no need to worry. The first thing we will do is go through a few ideas of what you can use that you already have at home, such as:

• Milk or water bottles. They can be filled with water, rice, or stones to simulate different weights and act as dumbbells.
• Belts. They can be used as straps to help with stretching or as resistance bands.
• Chairs or coffee tables. Useful for dips or incline push-ups.

See where I’m going with this? Anything and everything can be used and modified to suit you and your workout needs.

Tailoring your workout
Unlike online group classes, an online coach will target every workout to suit your exact needs. As well as finding props and equipment to use from around your home, it’s also about what you want to get out of each session. Do you have particular goals in mind? Maybe you want to keep training for a future run or triathlon and don’t want to lose what gains you’ve already made. Or perhaps you want to tone up a little bit, maybe lose a few pounds. You may just want to keep moving now that you’re not out and about as much.

We will go through what you want to achieve, what you have done before, and any injuries or movement limitations you may have. Then we’ll put it all together and get you working out.

More than just training
Working with an online coach is not just about exercising. Staying motivated and on target are important, and having an online coach who can keep an eye on progress (yes, I did say keep an eye, I have my ways!) will mean you are always getting the most out of your workout. It also has the benefit of helping to keep you in check. No cheating or working out half-heartedly like you might if you were alone!

Let’s talk about motivation for a minute. With the best will in the world, we all have off days. With endless news cycles on pandemics and lockdowns and worries about loved ones and finances being on everyone’s mind, even the most happy-go-lucky people will feel unmotivated from time to time.

Motivation is a big part of what I work on with clients, whether it’s in a face-to-face session, by text or email, or through an online workout. Helping you stay motivated, engaged and focused and actually doing your workout rather than lounging around is key to meeting your goals sooner rather than later. Now more than ever, that help with motivation is critical to keeping you healthy. As part of an online coaching package, we will stay in touch regularly to make sure you are motivated and staying on track with your programme.

Eating right
Nutrition is the next link in the fitness chain. You could be doing all the right things with your workout, turning up consistently and putting in the work, but if you are not eating properly you could be undoing it all without realising. Nutrition is a science in itself and while I don’t intend to lecture you on it, I will help you make sure you are eating the right things to complement your training.

Food is fuel. It helps your body stay active and your mind sharp. It doesn’t matter whether you are vegan or a meat lover, working to bodybuilder status or aiming for ketosis. Nutrition is the third thing that we will discuss, and I will provide you with bespoke eating plans as part of your online coaching sessions.

Affordable and flexible
I’ve left the best for last! We all worry about money and in this week’s world it’s an even greater concern for all of us. All online coaching packages are affordable and offer value for money. They are all flexible and there is no fixed contract, so you can get the most from them when you need them. As with anything, consistency is key and having that expertise alongside you will guide you through the days of low motivation or bad food choices and reward you with a healthy mind and body.

All sessions are flexible and built to work around your day. Whether you’re working from home, looking after the kids while schools are closed, or need a break from it all by getting a sweat on, we will find the right time for this to work for you.

Want to try online coaching?
I have been offering online coaching at Simply FITT for years and know a thing or two about how to tailor it, how to make it work for you, and how to fit it into you routine and lifestyle. Now more than ever, staying fit and healthy is vital. Why not give it a go and see if it works for you? Call me on 07881 100746 or drop me a line at and let’s take the next step together.

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