The Final Hurdle……

Well I’ve got to the last few days and what an experience its been!

Some things I’ve enjoyed, like the straight forward training but it has begun to get a different type of challenge by it’s self! Even the food got too much. As I’ve said in previous blogs I started to lack any kind of hunger. I really could have gone a day or so of not eating a thing. It’s all about getting my head around the small amount of protein I need when in a keto, fat adapted state.
The whole shoulder saga has had more of an affect on me then I have let on. The lack of sleep and being in some kind of pain or another took it’s toll. Thing is I’m still awaiting results on it.

Has my body changed?? Yes. I’m leaner, but bigger??
Time to measure up…….

The whole four weeks/five weeks have taught me some things about myself. For one, I’m just like anybody else and will try to get out of training every day…I love training but when I “have” to do it that’s a different matter. I remember when I was bigger and I had to eat every three hours, that was hard and took the fun out of food. This felt the same.
Life is about change and facing different challenges, but when you are told you have to do it or have to eat now, well that doesn’t fit well with me. Not any more.

What I would like to do now is set myself a goal of a longer time challenge and NOT to have any restrictions on the training. If I want to do an Ankorr session, well by jingo I’ll do one! If a Bulgarian bag needs to be flipped, then I’m the one to do it. Oh and a RPM class….oh deep joy!!!

How about competition fit body in 12 weeks?? But no limit of training and keto will be my choice of life style. I don’t want to be in a show or on stage, but my body is heading that way so why not focus on it?? I love the changes that I’ve gone through over the last six months, not just physical but mental as well.

I will back next week with the realist and conclusion to this experiment….

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