Week 3 – Get the most out of your Workout

Really getting in to this! Loving the training, its quick and I know what exactly I am going to do before setting one foot in the gym. Don’t get me wrong I do miss doing some different types of exercise, like using the cables or the kettlebells, but this is a new routine to work with for now.
I do need to confess to one change, I added a 15kg Bulgarian bag to my sets of suicide squats and duck walks (please check out instagram for the video). Great fun!

As for the food, I’m finding myself not even hungry after a certain time. I’ll have lunch/breakfast any time around 11 to 1 o’clock and then just picking at tea time! Even when I did my legs I had my steak and three eggs but five hours later I’m still not even interested in eating. The thing is, will this have a massive impact on my muscle?
I know when in ketosis you don’t need a lot of protein but when lifting???
This will sound vain, but I wish I could see the before and after photos, my body fat is shrinking!

As some of us might be aware, a show called X factor is on the box now and like it or not it’s the count down to Christmas…..a great time for parties and food comas! Don’t be scared to enjoy yourself over Christmas but, what will help is doing something now.
Even if just doing one workout a week or a couple of long walks will have an affect, plus after all the over indulging getting back in to shape or changing your body composition will feel less of a hardship. And yes, I can have a Christmas dinner in ketosis. Trust me I will be loading up on turkey thighs and pigs in blankets.

Only just over a week to go.. ..

P.S. if your car broke down and you took it to a mechanic that even after paying he didn’t fix it, would you use him/her again?
If no, then please don’t do the same thing with diets!!!

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