Sugar…..ahhhh Honey, Honey

Well we all know that sugar is bad for us but, how and why are lost in the mists of time …. Or are they?
Reports out this week have told us that the average child between the ages of as little as two and up to the age of ten can have around 18 cubes of sugar in one day and not even know it. You might not think this is a lot but we only need one, yes ONE teaspoon of sugar in our whole body and that’s for an adult!

As a personal coach this scares me, but as a dad this horrifies me!!!

Lets go back for a moment to see how this might have happened…. Back in the late 50/60s a doctor got a big bag of money to research fat. So off he went to Europe for a working jolly. He wanted to prove that fat was bad for us so he visited 15 different countries and took studies of their eating habits, their mortality rates. Looking at heart disease, blood pressure etc. as you can imagine a lot of those countries had rough time during World War II, so for a lot of them they were getting back on to their feet. They were eating from the land and livestock and to be fair, not doing too bad at all. In fact he found it quite hard to prove. So what he did do was hand pick 7 out of 15 of the countries and fudge his paper work.
So the war on fat began and low fat foods were born. Along with lots of pills and tablets to take in case you were worried. Farmers and pharmaceutical companies got rich.

But the thing is heart disease, obesity and diabetes went through the f**king the roof!! Why?? Sugar was added to make things taste nice and yummy.
Did you know there is more sugar in semi skimmed milk than whole milk?? The less fat the more sugar or even worse fake man made sugar. And now we are up to date…. we don’t need sugar. Our bodies are pretty amazing and any glucose we need it will make for us. Even when I have been doing my ketosis and burning body fat for fuel instead of glucose, my body can quickly knock up enough for me to have the fix I might need during my workouts, for example a sprint.

Foods are full of natural glucose so why add extra?? I hate to be the one to tell you but even too much fruit can be a problem, especially for our teeth. Dried fruit is particularly bad, there has been various documentaries over the couple of years showing how there is a huge rise in children having milk teeth removed, and a lot of these had never really eaten sweets, their parents were giving them the “healthy option” of raisins, dried apricots etc.

So, let’s cut out sugar from our lifestyles, or at least cut back for the children. It takes three days to get used to not having the stuff and you will get headaches, feel crappy, but you will have the rest of our life to enjoy being free

If you would like to know more about ketosis or anything I have mentioned please send up some smoke signal.

There is around 52 grammes of sugar in the average can of pop….. the sugar used in these types of drinks actually repress the feeling of being full up….. so guess what?? You eat more crap!

There is 56 different names for types of sugar, here are some of them: Barley malt, caramel, dextrose, fructose, maltodextrin, mannitol, ethylmaltol, diarise, beet sugar….

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