Mindfulness, meditation and my mate Tom…..

Hi everyone, please read the blog below from my friend Tom. I have known him for 16 years, one of the nicest people. We have had many a night on stage together performing around the country. Truly an insightful man.
Enjoy the blog, have a very Merry Christmas and see you all in the New Year!
James & The Simply FITT Team

Hi folks! My name is Tom. I am a reiki practitioner and long term fan of meditation. My passion is helping people to live more playfully, authentically and mindfully. I also love to swim, although my similarity to Aquaman probably ends at both of us having arms and legs, unless Aquaman is secretly a bearded Essex man with cerebral palsy too? I’ll wait for the sequel to find out .

Practicing mindfulness (awareness of the present moment) can make a huge difference to the way we perceive and experience life. If you are new to it, here are my top tips to boost your day and training sessions:


1. Use exercise as a form of meditation

There are all sorts of ways we can meditate far beyond sitting on chairs or cushions. Practicing awareness while we move is a great way of dong this.

Try this: the next time you are working out ask yourself where is my breath? Follow it for a few moments without changing its flow. Then take your attention into your hands. If thoughts arise (and they will, it’s natural and human) gently bring your attention back to your hands. Try it for a few minutes.

When I swim I find that taking attention to my hands helps me to get into a rhythm and connect to the water as I feel it moving. There really is no such thing as a ‘bad’ meditation by the way, as meditation is noticing what is happening. It is feeling sensations without judgement. You can do it.


2. Take time to be in nature

Do this consistently every day. Whether you are jogging outdoors or simply taking time to walk, it all helps. It will aid you with detoxing from the sensory over stimulation that is part of modern life. We are so often connected to phones, laptops and televisions which ultimately detach us from paying attention to what we truly need, such as rest.


3. Reflect

Find somewhere quiet where you can sit and think and will not be disturbed for at least 10 minutes. This will help you process your emotions so they don’t adversely affect you. You will also have the chance to get clear on who you are as a person and clarify your goals. If possible, do this at the beginning of the day at least once a week. The morning is a great time for setting positive intentions to carry us through the day. Ask yourself the big questions: what do I most want from my life? What would a great work day / rest day / or gym workout really feel and look like? Be honest with yourself. Record or note down your reflections in some form that works for you and notice what you feel as you are doing this.


4. Mindful eating

What we consume matters as this affects our whole being. Ask yourself what does my body most need today to fuel better movement? When you tuck into a fruit smoothie for example (I love banana) take the time to really taste and savour it. You will enjoy it more and want to consume good foods more often as a result.

Have fun and let me know how you are doing with your new adventures in awareness.

Enjoy and watch this space for details of my YouTube channel dedicated to authentic living.

Connect with me through my business Ahoy There Fun, click the link below.

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