Challenge: Week 2 – Results and Revelations

What a difference a week can make! I’m still not 100% but totally focused.

Maybe my brain knew what I was going to put my body through and wanted me to take it easy…..
Nope. Monday did start off quite easy really with a long walk with the dog for about two hours.

On Tuesday I managed to work my chest without causing too much pain in my shoulder. It felt good to do something after nearly three months off, it wasn’t simple as I had to really contract my back to take some pressure off my shoulder. Press ups after were shocking to say the least. I was able to do 3 sets and only reached 51 which is not my best!!
But as I have said, it did feel good, painful but good, to train my chest. My abs are going to be my best feature after all this!
Another great back workout and I remembered the straps this time. Falling in love with pull ups all over again. I still have a concern about the weight at 80 kg for deadlifts…

Food has been good as well, chicken thighs, grass fed steak and lots of kale. Oh, and eggs!!

I do have some more appointments with a consultant and I’m waiting on a 360 x-ray and ultra sound on the left shoulder but things are getting done. I think problems this week were remembering to take supplements. I keep on forgetting to take lucine and collagen! This will have a direct affect on my muscles. I am giving 100% every time I walk in to the gym.

I’ve suffered with some lack of sleep, my son has night terrors every now and then and my shoulder can keep me awake.

It’s now Friday, and I did some filming for my YouTube channel…..What?!? You haven’t even seen it?!?!? I was filming short “how to do” clips, for example how to do a sissy squat and the good old lunge so my legs were warmed up ready for the squats. Instead of rest pauses, I just repped out as many as I could for the five sets, by the third round I realised that 80kg is just fine… the last set I did a drop set but only down to 60kg. Nice.
With jelly legs I went in to my lunges, three sets of maximum. Really enjoyed this week and I feel next week will be even better.

Also congrats to my friend Katie, not is she only smashing the gym bits every workout but this week she passed her first nutrition course. Well done!!!

Stay focused people.

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